HTML to style text inside text blocks?

Hi Thunkers,

Has anyone had any success in styling text inside of the text blocks?

I have a label displaying text, some of which could be highlighted in red to assist the user. I read in a post on ai2 (Taifun?) that this could be achieved by HTML style formatting written within the “text” blocks. I tried this and it did not work for me. Is this functionality unavailable in Thunkable?

Thank you.

hi @bapay9897673d8ia,
in the advanced options of the text blocks i cannot see HTML stilyng so i imagine there is no possibility to have multiple colors inside the same text of a single block. Also Thunkable.x is different from thunkable classic… it is a cross platform and still on the run! Maybe we can ask this feature to thunkable staff :slight_smile:

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Actech has an example of this the “ACTech demo 2020 project” if you can search and find that.

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Thanks Jared but I could not find the project you mentioned. Could I bother you for a link?


scrExchange and scrHtml (for Android only)

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actech, thank you. I was trying it on iOS so I guess that I was never going to be successful. But I know now.

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The html tags do modify text when I use the live companion (not sure if I download that I’ll get the same result). You can’t use JavaScript this way. You can modify text which is really cool!!

For short monospace lines no wider than the screen, you can use this example.

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