How to view WEBVIEWER contents dynamically without using Absolute size for height


I have 2 columns in a screen. In one column I am having buttons, labels, etc. In another column I am having a WEBVIEWER. So the WEBVIEWER column I am setting to false initially.

When some button click on the other column I am making visible false the other column and setting visible true the WEBVIEWER Column.

But I am not able to see the webviewer. But when I set webviewer height to absolute that time only I can see in other cases I am not able to see.

Please help me how webviewer can be viewed dynamically without using Absolute size

Sridhamasakha Dasa

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Hi @sridhamasakhadasa

Is there any particular reason why you’re not using screens for this instead of Columns?

Were you a Thunkable Classic user by any chance?