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I have some problems with the Webviewer. I need a webviewer tall more than 10000 px but, I don’t now why, when I set it, a big white banner remains at the top so the screen is smaller. Then the botton of the page start to lag. Moreover, I searched about it on tutorials and I found that there is a block that fit the webviewer’s height for the content, but that specific block there isn’t on my UI components ( the block is “set Web_viewer1’s Height to” ).
I don’t understand if I missed something.
Thank you for helping me

Hey :wave:

Can you include screenshots?

In this case I put 10000 px

Here you can see a white bar. It is fixed also if you scroll down…

Here, the site is stopped but the Webviewer is longer and the site obviously do not finish there.

Here I can’t show you the bug because it is only an image but imagine that when you scroll to the bottom, the white bars go up and down for no sense

Thank you

I see that. I’m wondering why you are shooting for 10,000px height. What happens when you make the web viewer full screen only?

When you scroll down to see all the web page, the webviewer cut the site (like the second picture), so I can’t watch the site over the cut
so I thought to put the webviewer size to a number of px that permit to show all the site, but, if I set more than 10000px, the webviewer start to lag

I would like to put the automatic layout size (that depends on the site or content) but I can’t understand how to do it

Usually this is due to poor responsive settings on the website itself I think.

This example looks just fine in the preview app for me.


What website url are you having issues with?

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I have issues with all sites but, from your example, I have seen a thing that is possibly the problem but I don’t know how to activate

How you can see in the first picture, I haven’t the possibility to choose “simple” or “advanced” and I haven’t the possibility to choose Fit and Fill content.
Do I need to enable something to have them?


Sorry, check this one out.

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So the problem is that is necessary the Pro account, right?
Even if is needed a Pro account, is it possible to switch from my interface to your example’s interface?

This is because you are using the DnD (Drag and Drop) UI while @jared is using the StP (Snap to Place) UI.


Ah ok… thank you!
So if I would, I could switch the same project to StP UI from the DnD UI or I need to create a new project ?

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No, you cannot go back wards. You will need to recreate the project.

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Ok, thank you for your help.
If I do not bother you, I would ask you another question. If I use the StP UI, is there a method to overlap some object on an other? I mean, we suppose I want to put a Button on top of a list viewer (in the list viewer range). How can I do it without moving the list viewer? Do I need to make another screen? And if I need to do it, how can I show all components overlapped on the first screen ? I hope I explained me well. Thank you!

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Yes, you can. In StP, you can give components positions as relative (default) or as absolute. When using absolute positioning, the component will overlap whatever in that position.


Thank you so much for the help you all given to me!!!

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Did the second example I shared work for you?

Yes, thank you! :smile:

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Glad it works the right way. To note, I didn’t do anything special beyond making the viewer full screen. All other responsiveness “fitting to my screen size” occurs via the websites code and is out of control of the viewer for the most part.

Yes, but the problem was that I was using the DnD, so there wasn’t any sections (like automatic height). Thanks to your example, I found the way to use the StP UI and thanks to @muneer I understood how to fix some problems, so the problem wasn’t the particular site but my knowledge about the site.


I’m wondering in the second project which was dnd, did you still experience white spaces?