How to view my data in DND using Data viewer or Data Grid which is linked to a table

Hi Thunkable

I am not able to view my data which I am trying to enter in a table after searching. Below is my app link


We may need more details about what you’re doing and what specifically is/is not working.

I was able to add a student and then search for them:

Thats surprising, you are able to see it. I am getting the below : I am checking it in webpreview

It did work after refreshing and clicking on the search button several times( not sure why as I am trying it since quite a while )

but I am seeing so many instances of the student searched as many are there in the database as separate. Should I use Data viewer grid or list for this purpose. I want all the details as coded in the same table after search and view it in the data viewer

If you want all the details of all the students you can try a different layout.
I edited it for you:

Many thanks for the help, but I cannot see it. So I guess we should use a custom layout.

Also, can we use the data viewer in anyway to access the values stored in its data source table … I understand that data viewer is only for viewing , is it right?

What do you mean by access? A Data Viewer will display values from a table. What else are you wanting to do with it? Because the data is in a data source (local or cloud) and synced to the Data Viewer, you can use the Data Source blocks to get those values when needed.

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