How to update custom list

Is there a way to update a list created by cloned items?


For the first time after running the app it works fine, but when it goes to another screen, changes data in realtimedb (length of vList3 is changing), and comes back I can’t see changes because items of the list are been cloned at the first visit and never removed.

So maybe is there some workaround?

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Solved this by adding a second container (CHECKED_GRID2) with a child (CHECKED_CELL2). Then I cloned a child from the first container to the second one and removed a child from the second container. After that, I just remove all rows from the second container and do cloning again with new data.

Interestingly, but initially, I was trying just to clone a child to the second container (without having a child there) and remove nothing because I didn’t have an original child in the container. But it didn’t workout because it didn’t populate values after that!