How can I clone items of a list

Hi Guys,
Hope you are fine, I’m facing an obstacle, I’m trying to clone few items in a list to be cloned one by one, I’ve tried many ways “for each item j”, “count with I”, and “repeat until” but the result is the same is getting the first item cloned and repeated by the number of items in the list. the required is to get the remaining items cloned in a sequence.

I want to tell that when I get the data to be cloned directly from the cloud list it comes item by item cloned, but it takes much time to appear but when I get the data to app variable list then ask cloning these items it repeat the first item.

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First set your labels’ text and then just create clone.

get your label blocks over clone block. thats it.

Thanks Mahmut I’ve tried that but it didn’t work, or may be I got you wrongly.
Also for the values of the labels it’s inserted in the original column firstly as shown in the first image then I removed that first item from the list so that the cloned item can be the second one in the list.

I’ve found that very useful
Changing properties of cloned components (DIY Advanced Listviewer)

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