How to trigger an action from a certain time


it seems simple, but what I tried does not work: trigger an action from a certain time I compare the time of the device to the time of the action (a text variable transformed into numeric in adding zero) and i use a timer to repeat each minutes

This might be the source of the issue @bibbi - can you share a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to do this?


here are my blocks

Capture d’écran 2022-09-07 à 18.19.40

I don’t know if this is causing a problem but you’re comparing a string (“1830”) to a number. I would make the houraction variable a number or convert it by adding zero to it.


thanks for your support

i think it’s what i did in the Timer1 Fires blocks

sorry i think i have forgotten something

I fixed it but it still doesn’t work

Have you confirmed that your timer is firing?

Have you confirmed that the variables have the values you expect them to have?

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1904 becomes 194

how to keep zero?

Use the test block. If the current minute value is less than 10, join a “0” to the front of it. If not, just use the current minute block.

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I thought I knew everything about hours

thank you

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