How to create a "upcoming" or "scheduled" section with notifications (timetable)

Hi, I want to create an app that allows you to input your timetable and send you a notification when you have your next event/class. Is this possible?

It would be something like this:


rubbish 2


Yes, you can set the current hour and minutes as a variable ‘current time’ and then subtract the time of the event. You can then create a condition to add a reminder once the difference is say 10 (minutes). You will probably have convert the time into 24 hour format for the condition to work.

I have actually made something similar to what you are trying to make but with days and months instead of time. The logic and procedures will be similar though.

Here is a link. Go to the ‘homework’ screen and see its associated blocks:

Let me know if this helps,


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Thank you so much!

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No problem, @ngi4h . Happy thunking! :slight_smile: