How to solve crashing screen?

I made some adjustments on a screen design (Not the code) which was working fine. But it’s crashing/ Disappearing when I run it. What’s the cause of this and how can I solve it?

It could be a dozen different things. Post a link to your project and mention which screen is having that issue.


Thanks for your respond, Here is the link. The problem is in the “Home” screen

You have a lot going on in the blocks for that screen, including a forever loop and multiple other loops:


You’re also relying on a lot of Get Value blocks and I know there had been a bug with that block and I’m not sure if it’s resolved yet.

I would recommend adding some debugging blocks inside of those functions. Here’s a method I use: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video). That way, you can see exactly where the code stops working.


Thank you, But it was working fine earlier. That’s what i don’t understand. I tried your method, but didn’t work.
1.I ran it without ‘open’ and ‘starts’ function also. Still crashes
2. I duplicated the screen without the blocks. And still crashes. Maybe it’s not the blocks. Could it be because of the design error? Please find “Home 1” screen in my project.

Hey, i solved it, it was an error of design. Thanks for your support


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