How to send push notifications from app

Hello, I need to send a push notification whenever someone touches a button. Is it possible? I do not see any block that does that.

Hey @hernandezsilvaericko

At the moment the only way to send push notifications is through the OneSignal dashboard.

What sort of app are you trying to build? Perhaps there’s a work-around with cloud variables and the alert component?

My app helps the users to place an order and the owner of the shop has a Receiver app where she sees all the orders that have been placed. However, I haven´t found a way to send a notification to the receiver app whenever a user pushes the “place order button” on the main app.
My idea was to add OneSignal component to both apps so the main app sends the push notification and the receiver app receives the notification.
I am using airtable for the orders and firebase for the logins. Thanks for your help