Push notification looks great, but then what?

I just got push notifications to work, again the documentation of Thunkable amazes me, and really helps me get to my result quickly - you are really doing great on this front. What is documented is documented well!

The push notification works well, looks great and the One Signal documentation is also great. It is a breeze…

But I do have one question, and perhaps I am just missing the point, but I cannot find a way to interact with the push notifications?!? There is no interface for me to know it arrived, to retrieve the data from them into my logic?!?

Can anybody help?

Furthermore, as a bonus question, did anybody get anywhere with changing appearance of notifications through the rest api from onesignal?

Hi @henrikhngj5,

Do you mean by adding action buttons to the notification? Or do you want the notification, when clicked, to tell the app to do something?

The OneSignal Dashboard will give you insights to how many notifications were sent, failed to arrive and more.

Can you elaborate more on this? Do you want the push notification to interact with your app, for example open a specific screen with a specific piece of data?

I think what he wants is when an action occurs in the app, such as a certain length of time having passed such as 1,209,600 seconds. you could use this number as the number of seconds passed since the first time the app was opened as measured by the seconds since 1970 block. if that number has been met, a push message sent to the user to prompt them to rate the app, for example.

^^^I am building this feature into my main project with an invisible column on the main page of the app because i cant seem to figure it out with OneSignal (tbh i also havent put a lot of time into it)

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Ah okay. This would be a job for Local Notifications I suppose, but a workaround would be OneSignal API.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies and sorry for being unclear.

To be honest, Push Notifications is new stuff to me, however this is where I am at…

1… Push notifications can send data to the app, I saw this in the one signal rest api docs but I do not have any way to get this data. This could be used for many things. I could let the app know, that it needs to sync to cloud database etc. But my app does not know that a notification has arrived to the app, only the user knows as he sees the notification on screen.

2…I have seen that you can modify the appearance of the notification, as an example change the small icon being displayed from a bell to something app relevant. I do a bowling app, perhaps my notification icon could be a bowling pin? I also saw other ways to change the appearance of a notification, but they do not change the way they look inside my app - it is always the same, a boring white background, a text and a ok button… Some of the modifications require local files to be places in certain ways on the app installation device, but we cannot control this in thunkable. How far did anybody get on making a notification look great with thunkable?

Hope this helps.



I understand where you are coming from here. I spent almost a full day trying to change things up with notifications before, with no major success.

You can however add images in the notification, and adding action buttons too, though I’ve had zero luck with making these action buttons tell the app to open a screen with a specific piece of data.