How to retrieve multiple data from Airtable?

Hello All
I want to know that if I want to get multiple row in which each row contains approx 20 columns so how to show all that data neatly on screen without making it conjusted and would be easy for user while using it

Like if I fill Column Ref number i text box I want to get corresponding Row starting from name to so on… Then how to do that?


Hey @sakshamgoyal4031, is there anything in this tutorial that could help you?
Airtable tutorial

No bro I just want to represent that huge data in a better way which is easy to understand.

You should only ask on the community of the builder you are using.

You created the exact same topic on Kodular within minutes of creating this one. Kodular is different from Thunkable X. Please don’t spam different communities.

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I am working on both too if you dont know about me than do just the job of dog
I can show you proof also

Ok show us the proof.



And your Thunkable X screenshots?

see these too

Hey guys, we’re not here to argue. If @sakshamgoyal4031 is really here building, it’s fine and we should help. @ADI_Experiences you are correct about forum etiquette. If he finds help here that is useful elsewhere, does it matter? It’s easy to ignore and flag these posts if you feel that are truly inappropriate.

@@sakshamgoyal4031, sounds like you are asking stylistic issues. How to display info so that it looks good. You have to figure that out. Therre are probably styling guides on the internet. @darren has some good design videos on his youtube channel as does the thunkable team

please watch all these videos. then make your app. put in your features. show us what you need help with. then we can help you figure out how to rearrange things to better display the info.

for example, i have a flight tracker, when click on an icont, it displays 4 pieces of info on the tracker icon, and then a popup displays to show 5 other pieces of= data about the flight/plane.

so it depends on your syling as to how you will display data

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Ok thanks bro I will definately watch those videos…
Thanks a lot :blush:

@jared Can you please tell me how to get multiple data i.e. based on data of first column.
I want to call whole row on the basis of 1st column data…
Please help me

Can you clarify or provide an example of what you mean @sakshamgoyal4031