Hide column in AirTable query + info

Hi everyone,
what I’m trying to do is the following:
Let’s suppose that I have an AirTable table with 4 columns (let’s say email, phone, name and surname). I would that my app shows a list of all rows of the table (hiding the columns email, phone) and then once a user clicks on a certain row , it will open a detailed box with also email and phone.

So quick recap: list of all rows (but 2 columns) and when click on a row will show somehow all columns.

Thanks in advance!

So, click on a name, and see the associated info?

Yes we can recap in this way

Sounds like something that would be well suited to the Data viewer. You can sign up for the beta here @alfopietro:

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Like @domhnallohanlon said, this beta test may be right up your alley. Alternatively, @actech has a demo app floating around “actech demo 2020” that demonstrates this function. If I have time today, I will make an example app of this.

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Great, yes I can test it!

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