How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component

One ask , Can upload images to airtable whitout cloudinary? , Im trying whit setcell block but my app just closet , I dont know if my app , or airtable dont accept a photo take it whit my camera or my library block ,
or the only way its to give it a url?

The current solution is able to get URL of the image from Cloudinary.
We cannot straightforward to upload the image into the Airtable.

Currently, Airtable’s API only supports providing a URL. It doesn’t have to be a Cloudinary URL but right now that’s probably the most convenient way for Thunkable users.

Hope that helps.


the easy way its cloudinary i know , But other alternatives? For my app cloudinary will by a litle bit expensive

Hi @Mark,

Thank you for your tutorial, how can I do the same with a WEB API response that will get a list of images.
I am trying to create a list that contains images and two label.


@mohammedi.samir1ag5, If you post a sample response from your Web API we can probably help you figure out how to extract the image URLs from it.


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply, here is a sample response of a demo rest api (get):

I basically need to show: title and image from response in a form of a custom scrolling list.



Check it

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Hello Actech,

Thank you very much, it works.
Image loading is extremely slow though.Will remix the template you sent anyway.

Thanks again

Yes, unfortunately, there is no longer simple solutions that can work faster

Hi Mark, I’ve searched long and hard, but can’t find a simple way to create a slideshow that displays (one at a time) random images from my Cloudinary DB. I see a way to Upload to Cloudinary from my Photo library but not a way for the app to access the DB, take URL of an object and display it. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is covered already.

The quick answer is that you can use the mediaURL value block from the Media DB’s Upload method block as the Picture property of an Image component.

The longer answer is that you’ll need to store and retrieve those URL’s yourself. Our Cloud variables are a nice, simple, way to store them though you could also use our Airtable spreadsheet component or even our Local DB component (if the set if URL’s is fixed).

You might find the following video tutorials to be useful, since they address various parts of what you are trying to achieve. Our Image Carousel tutorial deals with the display part of the problem and our Snapgram tutorial gives some insight into the storage and retrieval part.



Thanks, Mark. I came across the Image Carousel video, and it’s very helpful. I guess I was looking for a shortcut, but I’ll go ahead and copy and paste URLs of the images, like the video does. Thanks again!


In trying to modify the Image Carousel format, I’ve obviously gone awry, despite trying many many different options. It’s likely a simple fix, but I’m stuck. Thanks for your help!!

@calcanius8l27h, can you tell me exactly what behavior you are seeing? Also, just to be sure, have you tested those URLs in a browser to make sure that they actually work? Also, have you tried with longer wait times - it’s conceivable that it takes longer than 5 seconds to download and display those Cloudinary images. Finally, have you tried the even simpler case of plugging one of those URLs directly as the Picture property of an Image component?


It comes up as a blank screen (I have a home screen with four buttons, one directed to this screen in question). It does in fact work with plugging in one of the URLs directly as the picture property. All the URLs work, too.


I think I see what the issue is. In the block where you set the Picture property of Image3 can you try removing the list block so the app viola variable is the only block in the first connector?

So, it should look like this instead:

BINGO!! Thank you so much!

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So what I do is I use a normal image block and I add a url to airtable where the image is stored like that It shows the image with no problem on thunkable :slight_smile: I use my squarespace assets page to get the link from a image

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