How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component


The value that you get from your 'GetCell' block is already a list, so you do not need to place it in a 'list' block as you are doing above. Take a closer look at my original example at the top of How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component and you’ll see the difference.


My bad, it is working perfectly. Thanks for you help

SO I have a column with many URL’s items images.

how do I display, using the URL in a list view, in thunkable x?

In classic mode we can use ColinTree View and works fine…

Are you trying to display text and images in the ListView @Choske?

At the moment this is not possible in Thunkable X, apologies for the inconvenience.
What sort of app are you trying to build?

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I am trying to build an app for my wife, she sells a lot of kinds of jewelry, so I need to have a list with the description of the items and also the image of them.

Now I am using the webviewer but only for 1 item at a time in a different screen, it is working because I have the item URL, but If I could show it on a ListView would be better…

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According to the post,i can see that i need to press a button before the stored image could show,but in my case i want the images to show along with other text label once the screen opens

i want the images to show when the screen opens

Me.too is there anyone that can help us???

@itzvinie, @delee_techdeveloper, Have you tried setting the images in your 'when Screen Starts' or 'when Screen Opens' block?


Yes i did,i only got error feedbacks

@itzvinie Can you tell us what the error feedback was? Also can you send us a share/copy link to your project so that we can take a look?



Am gonna do that right now

Using this blocks,wont rthere be any issue?

that"s because row number is still set as ‘1’,and having images more than one cant be on a single row,while trying to retrieve data from a single column which is the ‘Attachment’

Got it!,though it’s a bit dicey,but now it working just perfect…Thanks so far

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Can you share your link how you did this?

Hey @Mark

I put here one question about airtable image…

In this topic, i talk about using GetCell… My question is about using AllRows… See my topic please, i think u will understand better =)


Each row that AllRows returns is an object. That object will have a set of properties. There will be one property for each column in your spreadsheet. I believe that in your example, the property containing the image in called “imagem”. So, if you get the “imagem” property of each object from the list that AllRows returns, that will be the contents of a cell. Once you have a cell, you can use the method that I showed in How to retrieve images with a Spreadsheet component. So something like the following snippet should work for you:



All done!! See here:

Thanks, thanks and thanks! =)


You are very welcome!