How to Reset Environment

I viewed a sample app and then noticed the beginner tutorials on the left. I clicked on one and it seemed to become active but the main area was not cleared. I had to clear it manually and there remained legacy text. The tutorial eventually worked but the environment should be re-initialised when any new project is started, including tutorials. Is there a work around?

Bookmark this link and use it to edit your projects. It has a “create new” option that generates a virgin environment.

Hi @Jeb,

There’s an little blue tab on the edge of the screen that you can use to open and close the built-in tutorials.

Was that what you were looking for?

If we’re looking at the same thing then it opens and closes a sidebar that contains a list of tutorials. It does not reset the environment.

Aha, yes. I think if starting a tutorial “reset” someone’s project then we’d end up with a lot of unhappy users with deleted projects.

I know it’s not quite the same but you can delete Screen1 and that deletes all the components on that screen. Similarly, when you right click on the blocks area, there’s and option to delete all the blocks on that screen.