Deleting Home screen

Is it possible to delete the initial screen in which the “drawing” of thunkable appears? I’m using Thunkable X to develop my app.

Did you try putting something else in that screen? I thought it appears when no work is done.

Yes, I already have the application almost ready. Actually the application is ready, now I’m adding external connections through the “web viewer”
I could not delete this screen, there is no option and there is no way to access it anywhere.

Then, I guess you should leave it there though it may take a bit of memory. (Or did you mean that picture is shown from the web viewer or from the screen that already have another work done?)

That’s the splash screen and as far as I know, there is no way removing that right now. I read that that might be removed in the future but could not see any promises.

Then, did you try coding that screen? just code it to go right straight to the real beginning screen.