How to Reset App Variables daily

Hi I am building a daily Quiz challenge

The question and answers are being pulled correctly from a google sheet that will change the values daily. However, I want to limit the number of attempts the person has at the quiz to once per day. Then when they log in after midnight they can answer the next day’s challange

Thunkable - Home page

Appreciate any help!

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When the quiz screen opens, you can check to see if the current day, month and year is equal to the stored values – initially they will be empty – and if not, allow the quiz to function and save the current day/month/year in one or more variables to store that day’s values.

Thanks, Tatinga where would you save slash compare that stored value?

I would save the day+month+year string as a stored variable. Just make sure to check for a null value when you open the screen (when screen opens → if stored variable = null then set stored variable to “”).


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