How To Resend Verification Email


Is there a way to resend the verification email?

I have a number of users that didn’t receive their email verification when signing-up. They checked their junk folder and didn’t find it. I guess this happens sometimes. I don’t want them to get stuck so I want to provide an option for them to resend the verification email. The only option I found is to reset their password so it will send another email but is not the best solution as some of them don’t really want to use a different password. Is there a way to just resend the verification email?


I had a similar issue in that I wanted users to be able to reset their password, but Thunkable does not have a block for reset password.

I discovered you can use the WebAPI block to call all sorts of Firebase commands. The example below resets the password (which is what I wanted, but not exactly what you want). Check out the Firebase documentation for the WebAPI commands Firebase Auth REST API

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Thunkable has reset password option in the signIn block.

But is there a way to resend verification email?

Yes, use the blocks I listed above and modify the using the instructions at

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Awesome! I will try that out. Thanks so much!


Have others have been able to use the Web API successfully to send an email verification? I have used @drted’s blocks as a base and the Firebase instructions but I get an error 400 (Invalid ID token). For the ID token I have used the userid returned from the firebase login block. I do not know what else to use to make this work.

My blocks are attached (I have removed my firebase API key).

Can anyone help?