Password Reset With No Email Reset

Hi everyone.

I am creating a stress reduction app for a research project using Firebase for the users’ usernames and passwords. With the help of Catsarisky, I got the sign up to work in Firebase without verifying email addresses by having my users create a 6-digit user id attached to a bogus domain and a password. Thanks again Cathy! :blush:

I cannot use email addresses for this project to protect participants’ identities.

Now I am trying to find a way to create a password reset page, but I have not been successful.

Here are my blocks for the sign in/sign up page (which is working great!)

  1. the blocks I have so far on my password reset page (which is not working) :no_entry_sign:

  2. A video of the error. In the video I am using the password “apples” and signed in successfully, but when I try to change the password to “bananas”, it rejects the new password.

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I suspect you’re trying to call signin before the password change is done. See that “when resetpassword is done” area in the first sign-in block? Code that you put there won’t happen until ResetPassword has actually finished.

You may also want to display (use an alert maybe?) any error from the password reset - that’ll be informative.

Also, did you store the “username” or the fake email? If you stored the username, you need to convert it to fake email before using it throughout.


Interesting case. The normal workflow of Firebase ResetPassword function is to send a verification email. Now that you have a “bogus” email, where would the verification message go?