How to remove a label within a column?

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Is it possible to for a user to remove a label within one specific column by clicking on it? Right now I have managed to make a code which can delete all labels within a column as seen below:

Screen Shot 2564-09-30 at 09.48.12

However, I only want it to remove one label within the column. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This isn’t much different than what you did except that all label in column 14 as you have it is either always true or always false because there isn’t a condition there… it’s just a statement/value. It’s like saying if 4... do ____.

But try this:

Edit: I tried it with 5 labels inside a column and it worked. Clicking on a label deletes only that label.


Thank you! It works perfectly.

Appreciate the help as always!

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