How to re-fetch updated google sheet data while still being in the app?

Hi Thunkers,

I am using the "list of values in in " block to retrieve the data into a list and then use it (say the # of entries(rows) is 10) when the screen starts/opens and I get it perfectly working.

But when a new row is created while using the app and when still being in the app when I query again , I still see the same 10 entries and I am not able to retrieve the 11th entry which was made. If I exit the app completely and then restart, I get the 11th entry also. Is there any way while still being in the app, I can get the updated google sheet content ?

Thank you so much !!!

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It is better that @jane to look into this issue and comment on it as there was a similar issue of the app using cached values but it is supposed to be fixed.

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Thanks Muneer ! I came up with the below work around .

Just at the start of the app alone I initialize the counter to “number of rows” in the google sheet. Then I keep on incrementing this counter each time I create a new row and then query using the count block till the latest counter value, but this is not a very good way to achieve this.

I will anyway await Jane’s response to this issue.

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Actually if I use Update function to update a cell in google sheet, it is still using cache value and not taking up the updated value. This is becoming a real issue. How to resolve this ?