How to put a Data viewer list on top of an image


I was just wondering how to put a Data viewer list on top of an image? I tried multiple times but the data viewer list is only going above or below the image, not on top.

If there is no way to do this, could I know the screen size so that I can insert the image onto background images? I need to design the background but I don’t know what the background screen size is.

Thank you.

Hi @17068hm,

What about arrangements?

I think if we replacing image by arrangement
So you can add your Data viewer list on arrangement and set arrangement Background image to your image.

Is it good idea?

hey @17068hm

Do you mean you want to apply a background image to the Dataviewer?

Do you have any reference images we could see as a guide?

I wonder if that would make the data itself hard to see or to read?