How can I layer an image over another component?

how to hover an image over an component ?

Can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

i want imAGE OVER DATA VIEWER list

you can do in new ui by overlapping

in old ui
how to do?

you cant

thats not good
there must be some solution

not possible i guess

If all what you are after is to place an image on top of the data viewer list then put an image component in the screen and choose absolute position (Advanced) for the image. The data viewer should have the default height and width positions. It will show the image as if it is on top of the data viewer.


yes that only

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… i know that this is old topic, but issue is new to me so here i am :slight_smile:
thank you @muneer for solutions… im trying to overlap with a container instead of a picture… all seems ok, with few problems:

  1. even if the container`s visibility is set to FALSE by default at the start of the screen, it is still visible if ive set position to absolute…

    Weird thing is that this problem occurs only when im runnin on mobile… all is fine on thunk preview.
  2. another issue that i have: is there any solution to deactivate DataViewerList while this on top container is shown ? (the trigger to activate it is choosing a value from this DataViewerList and i see that i still can choose another value clicking around that top container;
  3. i managed to change the background colour of selected item in list, but clicking another item let last item coloured, and will color that item too…in the end ill have multiple items coloured. My goal is to color only the last item clicked :slight_smile:
    Thank you for your time.
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Yes, there is a known bug that is only active with Android devices. It is working fine on iPhone.

You can set it to invisible so that nothing is shown.

I’m not sure I understood you but see this

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me and my luck :frowning:

yes, but i still want to be shown :slight_smile: … looking for something like deactivating butons

its exactly what im looking for

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You can make a workaround like changing the size of the container to be 0.1 and changing the position to be off screen.

You can code it in the item click block to say something like

If container is not visible then
Do nothing
Do something
End if

Glad to have helped