How to open another Screen With A "Start Value"


I have a HomeScreen with 6 different product categories And a 2nd Screen with a Web Viewer in it.

So i want to accomplish that-

When someone clicks on a specific category’s Image then-

Navigate to 2nd Screen with a Start Value that will be used as a URL for Web Viewer in the 2nd Screen.

I want to do this because otherwise - i will need to create 6 Different Screens with the Same Web Viewer Component.

Send the value in an app variable. Use the variable as the webviewer url

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Like , i would assign (Variable X = URL)

But how can i import that Variable X in another Screen ?

Or Is that Variable X a Global variable which can be imported in any screen across the App ?

All “app” “stored” and “cloud” variables are considered global.

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OK Sir, Got it, Thank you so much.