How to open a saved url in firebase in webview after user login

Good morning, I’m starting with thunkable and I already looked for it in the forum but I can not get this doubt. i’m using the cross Platform.

I have a login screen where after the user logs it goes to a new screen where it has a webview where I want it to load a specific URL for each user. for this in the user’s form I save name, email, password and url.

how can I do to after login he redirects to new screen bringing the url referring to that user and opening it in the webview automatically.

Thank you. i really appreciate.

Yes Firebase can do this.

Create a login process in firebase (many examples out there)
If: Check if the user has a page already
then: Open url in webview
else: Create a process to create the dynamic HTM/URL store it to the individuals firebase path; Call the firebase path and deliver URL

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Thank you for your help.
The logic of what I need to do I know. my biggest problem and that some functions that I see in the thunkable tutorials, I can not find in the current version CROSS PLATAFORM.
for example in the Firebase options I can only find the IN FIREBASE CALL GET TXT. I need the GOT VALUE function.

I have already created the form, I have checked if all the fields are filled. now I need to click on Login I get the field and mail consult the bank and if it is ok to return the field url.

I can not find the GOT VALUE function in this cross platform version.

Sorry for the little knowledge in the tool. I’m learning it now. and as most of the tutorials are in the old version it complicates a bit for me.

One thing to know about the XPlatform is that the total blocks are not visible in the deisgner.

You need to drag them out to see the options.

For your choice, the GET and GOT.VALUE are in one Component.

Does this help?


Thanks, so in case Get gets the GOT function too.?

Correct with the output


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