How to make professional sidebar in thunkable x

How to make professional side bar in thunkable x without extension


Thunkable x doesn’t support extensions either :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you’re looking for info on the Drawer Navigator.
Check that link out and let me know if it helps :smiley:

Edit: @kartik_old has explained that ‘professional sidebar’ refers to a sidebar with a header image.

That’s not possible at the moment, but you can make a request in the Github repository.


I think he means by a

professional drawer

He wants to add a banner image on top of menus :smile:

If it’s possible for thunkable x, this feature will make the drawer menu a complete, professional menu :+1: :+1:

Thanks! :smile:



I try it but, buttons behind of sidebar when altough sidebar is off is not able to be clicked. This is not worth it.

My solution works only for the case when there are no components under the sidebar for interacting with the user

Hi @peacehero,

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you tried, please?

I got the answer, thank you.

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