Add image to drawer navigation

I was wondering if its possible to add a cover image at the top of the drawer navigation menu like other apps do and also for each screen, have its icon appear beside the label.

Unfortunately, Thunkable X doesn’t support your request.

Hi, @sysads! :wave:

It seems a nice idea! Consider about filing a feature request here.

I have a workaround with a column, we can make our custom drawer.
If you are interested in knowing further, let me know here.

Try finding your desired icon here -, and copy the emoji.
Next, place your emoji in the beginning, followed by a space, and the screen’s name.


" :email: Contact Us "

" :globe_with_meridians: Our Website "

" :star2: Rate Us "

Thanks! :blush:


Thanks @kartik14 Let me know how as I will need it in future.

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