Design the drawer Navigator

How can I design the drawer Navigator. Because this sight is nice. I like to make a background, if not possible then just a nother color. Can I fix up the button I like that also.
I can make a grey button bacgground but the white color under and over the drawer button I like to change. NIt would be nice if I could put in a back ground picture

You can make your own Sidebar if the screens are not designed to interact with the user, but serve only to obtain information from them.

An example of a screen scrCustomDrawer

Yes I have seen that but it seems dificult to make for a newbee. So much easyer if I could make some design on the built in drawer???

Change built a drawer, you can only use the properties that are on the property bar when you select the drawer component.

Okay thanks
But can I copy the design to my project so I have the row/column settings??

Instead of a sliding drawer, you can make the menu bar displayed on the screen when you click on a hamburger button and closes when you press the space button or a hamburger.

Sorry. I have seen that explesion Hamburger before. But what does it mean Sorry…

Hamburger button - a button with three horizontal lines, that look like a hamburger (two buns with a chop between them), when clicked, opens the sidebar. This type of navigation is considered obsolete and inconvenient for users and many experts recommend to abandon it and use more understandable for users to navigate.

Seee for example