How do I add screens to the drawer navigation (slide out navigation)

Not able to create the hamburger menu tutorial found here: How to Create a Hamburger Menu - YouTube
Can’t find the row option anymore. Can someone please update the tutorial?

The drag & drop interface does not have rows and columns. It has groups instead. If you need to use a row, you can create a new project (it’s not possible to convert an existing one) and uncheck the box to “try the new beta” – that way it will be a snap to place interface project.

But I don’t think you need a row at all to create that type of menu. Just add a button, set its image, and drag it to where you need it to be.


Hey @thomasct777ouaz

@tatiang is correct there! You’ll just need to add the drawer navigator, and a button on each screen.

The buttons on-click action be set to ‘slide out’ the drawer menu as in the video.

No rows are needed. You’ll b e able to move the button to whatever position you’d like!

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Thanks @jared & @tatiang! This is working now… Just one more doubt. When I click on the Drawer navigator, the slide out just comes for a few pixels and there is no text visible. See image. The white part is the slide out .

Please provide a link to your project. It’s very difficult to troubleshoot from just a screenshot of the preview. We can’t see how you have things set up.

Apologies. Here’s the link: Thunkable

Your DrawerWidth is 10. That’s only 10 pixels wide. Either try a larger number or delete the number to use the default width.

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I see… It’s working now. Thanks! I had changed that up to 50px yesterday and didn’t see any changes though. But removing the value seemed to fix it. Thank you, once again.

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