[Solved] Navigate to Drawer?

I pointed some time ago that the function to navigate to the drawer menu does not work.
Does anyone know how to use that or it is a bug?08

I think this is an undocumented opportunity. Somehow you can use (where you need to go to an empty area of ​​the screen), but this behavior is not guaranteed in the future.

Yes, I guess so.
I really want to use this feature. It will make drawer navigation so much more intuitive.

Perhaps I’ll think about how to make a custom drawer, but it will not support swype.

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Hi, did you success creating a drawer navigator with button? Thanks in advance!

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Hey @danibarzo16i718 You can definitely do this! Thanks for posting your question to the community!! :open_hands:

You can place a column with absolute positioning that is 100% tall and 0 pixels wide with a left side offset value of 0. give the column a background-color, put some buttons in that column. set them to invisible

put a button in it, make it look like what you want. put it in the column set orientation to center for convenience. set the button margin to a value of -10 on the right side

on button press, set column width to 150, then make the buttons you placed in there first, visible

put your buttons in that column.

here is an ugly example I have been cooking up . I also put some styling on it so that it ‘animates’ the opening of the drawer
giphy (5)

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.53.18 PM


Hi, @danibarzo16i718! :wave:

Do you just want to open the default Drawer Navigator with a button?
If so, a few months earlier, Thunkable made it possible through this block -


Block Documentation - docs.thunkable.com/release-notes#jun-24-2019


Thanks! :blush:


I had no clue!

My workaround however would allow for more potentially stylish drawers. A logo could be included. Customized texts. Pictures/icons. Etc. I’m not sure who would want that but it’s an option!


Awesome bro @jgibb20189 !, thank you very much for your answer!

Thank you very much @kartik14!

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Thanks! I still haven’t tried the open drawer block. It would be sweet if it includes an animation. they make the apps look nicer but sometimes can be too slow and laggy depending on the device. I’d imagine any ‘native’ animation would be much smoother!

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@jared Totally agree!

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