Is it possible to add buttons to a drawer navigator instead of screens?

I am creating an education app with customisable exercises. I am using a button to call the drawer navigator from the right side of the screen as an ‘options menu’ of sorts to allow the user to customise their experience. Is there a way for the tabs in the navigator to act as buttons instead of taking me to a new screen? Or is there perhaps a different tool I could use to achieve the same result? (I really like the look and feel of pulling out the drawer)

Appreciate any help or suggestions,

Hey @jhowan - this sounds like an interesting UX! It’s not the way the drawer navigator was designed to be used, but we might be able to get it to do what you want.

First off: What are the options that you want to display to your user?

Second: Will be adding in (or hoping to add in) additional options in the future?

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So far the drawer navigator has options to take the user to other ‘customisation‘ screens e.g. adjust difficulty

The users answers are recorded and their ‘correct answer’ score is constantly visible on the screen. I wanted to include a ‘reset score’ button in the drawer that wiped the users score. Currently I have achieved this by creating a seperate screen. (Pictured below)

I was ideally wanting to trigger an alert instead of navigating to a new screen when the user clicked ‘reset score’ tab in the drawer.

That’s a nice work-around @jhowan, I think you should be able to do something like this. I’ll take a look at a data-driven work around for you tomorrow

@domhnallohanlon i know I am bumping this topic but i would really like if you could add option of adding images and /or buttons to the navigator. You can tell me if bumping was not the right thing to do , ill delete the post.


Of course it’s not the right thing to do. Should you want a feature or report a bug then you know what to do and the right place is GitHub not old posts.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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Ok thanks @muneer i posted a feature request can you close this topic

no problem

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