How to make menu in thunkable

I referred to this link, but now the mode is different.

I’d like to make a drop-down menu (left arrangement). What should I do?

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You can add a Drawer Navigator in the drag & drop interface by clicking on the + button next to Screens at the top-left of the Design tab:

And then you can drag existing screens onto/into the Drawer Navigator in the component tree at the top-left of the Design tab:

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.19.36 PM

Here’s a very basic demo: Thunkable.

Swipe right to see the navigator menu:


Find out more in the documentation.


in this demo project, i’m using a list viewer for multiple item selection - note that it’s not a drawer navigator, though. plus you need to press a button to indicate you’ve made your choice/s.
here’s the project (in D & D)

this is a sample snapshot.

can this work for you?


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