Side menu example

With this menu style do you got a simple and easy way for users to join other pages via image buttons.


  • Open & close menu animation
  • clean design
  • Webview component
  • Menu click and the menu page is open or close
  • Long menu click and the start page is visible and the webview component isn’t visible

The rights of the used pictures in this example remain with the original owner.


Download SideMenuExample (aia file)
Download SideMenuExample (apk file)

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can i ask whhy doesn’t this work when allign horizontal is set to center? becuase right now the letters of the main screen aren’t in the middle they are on the left side

Because the menu cames from left to right.
If you set it to center it doesnt work right.

any workaround so the letters would be in the center?(no label usage cause i am not talking exactly about these ones but in general), plus what if i wanted the menu to the right? would it be just a simple code change?

Yes i think its possible to change rhe menu to the right side.
If you want i will take a look tomorrow to this.

so i guess there is no way to make the side menu “overlap” the main screen? because here it just pushes it to the side

that’s right.
a overlap or overlay is not possible.


Hi Thunkable Team,
What you need to add is “when screen touched”. This will solve all problems about “slide menu” and make it like “slide menu” in Android Studio"
I love Thunkable

Excellent Menu structure,
How can we link the button with Screens instead of webpage or weblinks

I wants to link and travel with Multiple Screens not with webviewer.


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You may check out my Templates, especially Navigation Drawer one, but it works with arrangements not screens, so you can toggle visibility of those.

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love it :+1:
thanks a lot

why text is going beyond screen, even when menu is off state?

Any solution on this problem?