Iphone 11 and 8 does not behave the same

As you can see in the blurry image there is almost like a side pannel to the left - and things are put outside of screen to the right…

I am using Screen Width to set the behavior and all object are set to “center”

Any idea - or is it a nasty little bug…

@stefansladdeneng1 Likely this can be fixed with some minor adjustments to your Layout component.

There are a lot of UI components on this screen, it is natural that you will need to make some tweaks here and there to adjust the components to fit across all different types of devices.

How does this screen fit in your Design tab? Does it easily fit in there?

Hi Matt
in the design screen every element othe left side was aligned to the left edge
Finally i had to go back to one of my backups and redo / rethink which eventually worked out.
I think this Layout thing is a good try but need some adjustments as product. The result is far to many Lay outs and group elements on screen… But i understand it is a challenge your end too…

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