iPhone 11 resolution?

I’m noticing that the project I’m working on only covers part of my iPhone 11 screen. Is there a way to adjust the screen size or resolution of my Thunkable X project?

On the left is from the downloaded project and on the right is how it looks when editing it on x.thunkable.com:

IMG_2145----- vs -----Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 1.38.38 PM

Hey @tatiang, did you set your vertical alignment to ‘space around’?

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@jared No, it was set to center. But I just tried space-around and it didn’t seem to make a difference when Live previewed on my iPhone.

Hi, @tatiang! :wave:

Thunkable X previews your app in a frame, whose resolution is somewhat equal to average phones. So, if you want the same design your app preview frame has in your iPhone, you could give a try to relative sizing, with ‘fill parent’ option, or the percentage sizing option.

Thanks! :blush:

Are all of the components in a single column/row?

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@jared I’m not using any rows or columns for this. Should I?

I like to use them but it’s probaby not necessary.

check this out. if you make the screen scrollable, the spacing setting wont work the same.

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