Bottom Menu Style | with Swipe function

Now i will show you another simple and clean style called “Bottom Menu”.
Swipe the menu icon to the top and the menu is now open.
In this example i link the menu buttons with the webviewer to some sample pages.
After you clicked on a button the menu goes down and the webviewer is visible.

The rights of the used pictures in this example remain with the original owner.


[Download BottomSlideMenu (aia file)]( [Download BottomSlideMenu (apk file)]( [Video](

Which menu style do you want next?
Write it down in the comments.

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Give a tutorial on slider menu please.

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thanks for sharing

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what do you want to know? :slight_smile:

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Impresionant work @Mika

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thank you @barreeeiroo :slight_smile:
i have in the last time many ideas for various projects.

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HI Sir @Mika im using this menu style in my new app and i thank you for sharing this. I have some tweaks or modification in my mind but i don’t know how to do it. I am a newbie :slight_smile: since the web viewer does not allow to upload or download photos/files or watch movie,video streams in full screen (but i hope in the new update by @thunkable will be enable :slight_smile: ) . I want my users to have an option to launch the current website that the customer is opening to the external browser .
there will be a
menu >
options under menu>
Exit (if you could also add this :slight_smile: )
Share (if you could also add this :slight_smile: )
Launch to browser ( important)

Like this

I belive you can still download files through thunkable using the web component not the Web Viewer.

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I take a look to this in the next days. :slight_smile:
I have current privat things to do.
Me and my girlfriend move into a new appartment.

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@lucatunes i mean is the facebook twitter and other social media sites.

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Thanks Sir @mika :slight_smile: ill just wait… but its open to anyone who can help and edit the aia file :slight_smile: #everyone

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I’m Taiwanese.
So I chose Chinese in my program design.
But there are four errors.

Then I downloaded APP, phone display is running incorrectly.

Can you tell me what to do?
Thank you :smiley:

You must change the blocks with the red warning symbol.
Choose “heading” in the canvas event.

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Let me try it
thank you for the explanation
:grin: :grin: :grin:

I want to add this blocks to your Menu:

So if the user taps the Canvas, it will work as he had flung the canvas

plz make SLIDER MENU extension

tienes una imagen check it, It have very good animation effect. or

image is calculator app in windows 10


I appreciated your work, thanks a lot. Just one request, try to use English as it’ll be helpful to understand, So I will not require google translator .

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