How to make a typing app

Does anyone know how to make a typing app that saves your progress?Also has different topic about typing.

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I don’t understand what you mean by a “typing app”. Something like the notes app on your phone or Microsoft word? If you have more information about the project that’d be great.


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Like this

Hey @eoinparkinson this is just a screen shot from a website that I’m on

So do you want to make an on screen keyboard too? Like a custom app keyboard like you might see on banking apps?

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Custom keyboard is possible. However you need time to do it.

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You’ll be using the join block, and calling a function every time a button is clicked. Using the any component blocks, when a button is clicked, get the buttons text and join it to the original text. Very easy to do.



@choi_beomgyu & @when-button1.clicked , quite a few users have made their own keyboards; here’s one recent example that I just spotted:

Try searching the Community for others.