Dactylo: learning typing for kids: possible idea?

I’m new to Thunkable,
I’m testing out some tuturials, and I found a good tuturial for firebase login system.
I wonder that for kids in a school without emailadres they can also login, and work on there ‘typing’ lesson.

So the app should be used with the computer ‘live testing’ and all answers should be saved, and a score should be displayed to the text that is not correct.

for example: ff jj fj fj jf jf fjf jfj
and the kid: wrongly typed some mistakes: fj jj fj fj jf jf fjj jff they should need to get the number of wrong letters: 3 wrong

after all the questions, they should need to see a star / thumb / pictogram of how good they did the exercice…
for example TypeTopia | De online dactylocursus voor kinderen!
for example https://www.typ10.be/ movie: on minute 65s: youtu.be/buuDxiO48XY?t=65

can somebody help me
Thanks a lot
Karel (from Belgium Beveren-waas)

Hi @karelrosseel82, welcome to the community.

I just have a couple of follow-up questions about your idea.

Would the students be typing with a mechanical keyboard or with the on- screen keyboard?

Would you mind posting a link to this tutorial too please?

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hi @Domhnall
thanks it is something like Gratis proefles - TypeTopia | De online typecursus voor kinderen! I want to make
I know webflow.com where I can make websites… but programming is difficult, so I would like to use thunkerbell.

I found a coffetracker coffee tracker

and answer example: that should be perfect for typing the correct text

but I don’t know how to implement for dactylo…
it should be like the first level of typetopia.com

Thanks to help me.

I also checked this tuturials:

Thunkable met firebase

data gaan lezen: lijst van accounts met paswoorden


realtime listener

my first project:

Thanks for sharing those tutorials - I understand the concept.

So, there’s two parts/questions here really.

  1. Can we make a typing tutor app with Thunkable?
  2. Can we make a log in system with Thunkable?

The answer to both questions is yes, but you don’t necessarily need to complete 2 to achieve 1.

My first piece of advice would be to focus on the logic of the typing tutor. Thanks to our great community of sample apps and tutorial videos putting a sign in screen on top of this then at the end is simply a matter of time, rather than needing to come up with something new or novel.

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cool, so if you have an already made sample?
also what I like a lot: is the student can save the data into a spreadsheet, or mail the data after a lesson to the teacher.

Does this also exists already: because now I use www.goformative.com where students need to login with a code (= AS GUEST): BUT they can work only with their name! because the code saves the class.
you can also join the example Join with CUBRPD, you only have to give first name and last name:

and this is the ‘example’-exercice:

Afterwards I can see the responses:

who can help me?

This is how it works:

I found something as ‘name checker’ or ‘code checker’ or ‘data checker’

but how can I make this myself? beacause tuturial is not in English… and not about ‘data checking’


I also found this free with ads possiblity for kids

for example: https://www.typelesonline.nl/
here the characters disappear will typing! = is this possible in Thunkable?

afterwards you get the feedback

Hi there,

You should look at the text blocks for an idea of what you can do to compare and alter text.

Here is a sample app that will go through a menu of text items, show them on the screen, and ask the user to type them.

It will give feedback to the user.

Functions in this app:
Comparing strings of text
Comparing length of strings of text
Comparing text characters
Returning amount of characters that are mismatched (if user input is same length as sample text)

I hope you find it to be a useful example as you build your own apps.


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Hi @jane
Thanks a lot for a first test!
I tested it on https://appetize.io/app/pnr0t35chugc2zzrpa4qaqa3h8

So kids can try to type correct: but They work with windows so they shoud be able to ‘not see the typing Querty characters’ but an image with the combination of the hands.

Should this be possible to create as sample?
So each character they get a ‘Tip: use the shift’, use the ‘left forfinger = f’

I want to create something like Rapid typing ‘but as app’

link to rapidtyping (offline software) http://www.rapidtyping.com/screenshots.html

@jane , also
problem with restarting again: only the last excercise is showing up?

Thanks too fix this for me


@jane, is there a possiblity to turn also the screen?

Thanks a lot

please check also this possiblity for landscape

Thanks for your enthusiastic posts @karelrosseel82 - just one small request please.

Rather than making multiple consecutive posts, please use the Edit button( the :pencil2: button at the bottom of each post) to make any additions or amendments.

Thank you! :smile:


Hi there,

So when Domhnall asked you if the student is meant to use an external keyboard, the answer was yes?

You can edit the app I sent you to display the extra text you want.

You can display an image with an Image component.

Screen Orientation is coming to Thunkable X soon. You can keep with with new releases to the platform here.


Thank you @jane,

If it is possible to show an image… is it possible to hide the typing board? by a X or standard?

Thanks to make it possible solution.