How to make a texting app with more than one screen

I wanted to work on a texting app that lets have more than one
screen but I have no idea how to make one.Can you help me :roll_eyes:

Hey @choi_beomgyu


do you mean that you want a chat app that allows you to have lots of different (and separate) chats? i.e. something like WhatsApp?


You could have two screens - one screen for selecting the chat you would like to open and the other to display the chat you have clicked on. Let’s call the first screen “select conversation” and the second screen “view conversation.”

The chats featured on the select conversation screen can be displayed in a list format, and clicking on a chat navigates the user to the second, view conversation screen. Based on what chat the user selects in the select conversation screen, the text on the view conversation screen could change and load up different information.

I would do this by using variables - if chat one is clicked, set the chat one variable to “true” and the rest of the chat variables to “false.” Then when the view conversation screen opens, you can use an “if” block to scan the variables, find which one is marked as true, and then load the information associated with that variable.

Or you could have one variable for all of the chats and just change the variable text to the name/number of the chat that was selected. This method would probably be easier if you have a large number of chats.

I know this response might be confusing - please let me know if you have any questions!