How to make a splash screen that will be well displayed on the all selected devices?

I have a splash screen image. How do I make this full screen and optimized for all devices? I want it to fit perfectly for any sized phone…

To make the image ideally suited for all devices, you need to make a separate image for each device - this is an extremely complicated and unnecessary work. Correctly set the task as follows: how to make a splash screen that will be well displayed on the selected devices?

For this, separate images are made under several different screen sizes. But currently Thunkable X does not support screen definition and device type. Therefore, the screensaver for iPhone5 will be noticeably different from what will be displayed on Android tablet with 10 inches.

Use scaling to get more or less good results on different devices.

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How would you do this as you build out your app to include all screen sizes? Do you need to build a specific and separate app for each device type?

Do not create a separate application for each device. You need one application with multiple images. But this in Thunkable X will not work. Therefore, you need one suitable picture which you then need to scale. Can you give me an image that you want to place on the screen of your mobile device?

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sample splash screen

Now I’ll look.

As a reference, the sizes of the screens of different devices you can see here

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The image looks good. I made it as the background for the screen and everything is fine. I think for Apple iPhone N+ it will do. Personally, I would optimize it in some editor because I think that 127 KB is a lot for this image.

I guess I am confused. How would I ensure this image fits perfectly on all (majority) screen types? If i make it fit on the editor, will it fit on all iPhone sizes?

The image size of 750 * 1334 px which has your image is the optimal and popular size for mobile phone . I do not think that users will view the screen through a magnifying glass. For them it is much more important that the application be useful to them, work without errors and crash.

To reduce weight, you can use some online resource to optimize images (for example

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So that size will naturally fit several screen sizes automatically? For example, a Samsung Galaxy versus iPhone 10 versus iPhone 7.

Yes, it will happen due to the image zooming.

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Thank you for all of your help!