Need help with App Dimensions!

Hey Guys! I’m new to thunkable. Im using thunkable to publish my app which I created in Bubble is. I’m having trouble with the dimensions in my app, in bubble I set them to 380x640 (small iphone dimensions). As I’m testing the app on my iphone plus it is not scaling, I set the settings in thunkable so the app fills the container but it is still the same. My app will be used most probably with all kinds of phones with different screen sizes, how do I set up the app so it scales or it adjusts on each screen size?
Thank You!


To stretch the image, you need to use relative dimensions instead of absolute 380 * 640, and also select the appropriate zoom mode.

Thanks ! Do di do this thru bubble or thru thunkable?

On the Internet, there are wallpapers for the iPhone. See what sizes are the most popular and make an image with the same parameters in the bubble. After that, insert the image into Thunkable and see how it looks on the smallest and biggest iPhone screen for which you are going to use it.