How to make a online ordering app?

Does anyone now how to make a ordering app like amazon or Fed X please give links and anything else that helps.Also if you want to please reply to any of my other topics

Love, @ladynoir

I think the bottleneck here is that you can place orders in the app, but at the moment there’s no easy way to pay for them.

Are you building this app for a client, or do you own a business that wants to starts trading online?


I own one I need ti have it where they can order online

@choi_beomgyu have you considered a third party solution such as Just Eat? Unsure if that’s available where you’re based, though there is definitely a platform available for this near you.


Is it in Texas?


To my quick research, yes. Search for it on the App Store. (edit) Actually this appears to be Europe only. Here are some alternatives.

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Amazon is a retail platform,
FedEx is a logistics company,
JustEat/Doordash etc. does food delivery.

I’m a bit confused here @choi_beomgyu, what sort of business do you run and what are your e-commerce requirements?

Have you considered something like Etsy or Shopify?


Not yet I haven’t I need to check

I tried Etsy but something went wrong

@choi_beomgyu if you wanted to set up your own online store from scratch, you could try out some website builders such as Shopify. This is a super popular, powerful, well renowned and trusted service. I’ve attached a list of big brand names that use Shopify to power their online business. You can check it out here.

Thanks @eoinparkinson

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