On demand delivery

I want local parcel delivery app, if anyone have then please share the details here immediately.

I see you have the exact same topic on Kodular forum. Please don’t spam forums. Only post on the community of the builder you are using.

Actually I want solution, of my topic. Therefore, I take both the option. If I get any solution from anyone of these forum then i’ll immediately delete the post where I got no solution.

Thank you for notice the activity.

Everyone wants solutions. But that doesn’t give them the right to spam multiple forums.

EDIT: are you looking to buy a ready made app (ie an aia file) or do you want help with creating an app?

Contact me [email protected]

Thank You everyone, I got my solution already.

Im looking for the same thing. Can u tell the solution

@Rrrrr can you tell us a little more about what you’re trying to build here please?

What’s you business model and do you have any preliminary designs for this app?

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Food delivery app for local food