How to make a App Which Upload The Pdf

Hi there how to make a app which upload pdfs

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I Don’t want pdf reader i want pdf uploader

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Can you explain more about what you need? For example, do you expect Thunkable to store an existing PDF and then allow the user to upload it somewhere else? And where would that location be? Or are you wanting Thunkable to create a PDF from data? And where would you be storing that data?


I think hé wants to be able to let the user pick a PDF file and then upload it to e.g. Firebase.

If so you need to write some JavaScript codes.
To pick a PDF file and then return the PDF to the app.

And put the JavaScript code into a WebViewer with a receive message event to upload the PDF to e.g. Firebase.



Picking/selecting a file is very easy in JavaScript but the following action (upload to Firebase) is not supported in Thunkable so you will need to write more JavaScript codes.

However, it is worth trying to see if it can be loaded to cloudinary. :thinking:


I will echo muneer’s suggestion of uploading your PDF to Cloudinary!
Once you have done so, you will have a URL that points to your PDF. You can then save this URL to your Firebase realtime DB.



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Have you tried this from your mobile phone?

Can you provide an example? People will mostly use the app from a mobile device nor from the C drive.