How to let cancel alert button do cancel

I have a alert button canceled and confirmed, but when i run the app and try to casncel it stilkl add thec data into my google sheet.

Yes because the “do” section a the Create Row block happens after the row is created. Instead, put the Create Row block in the “then do” section of the alert. But you’ll need to have an if block that checks if Cancel was clicked (if not wasConfirmed).

I not geting it to work, not sure what to use for the if and else, what am i doing wrong here, what must I use

Can you post a link to your project? I can modify it and post an updated link or screenshot with the changes.

Thank you

screen voegbeskikbaarheidby

What is the name of the screen with the blocks above?


Try this:

Thank you, understand it now

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