How to know which user is nearby

Hi, sir I am trying to make an app which provides service. I want a user interface that allows the user to know how many clients are nearby him can u help me please…
Thank you for your support …

Hi @Bright_Knowledge!

This sounds like a pretty challenging app to build but if you’re patient and persistent then I think Thunkable is up to the task :muscle:

You’ll need to be familiar with the location sensor and the map component, as well as managing user permissions, so there are quite a few moving parts here.

We have a ride-sharing sample app, called “Ride”, then demonstrates a lot of the features you’re looking for - I’d recommend you take a look at this first and update the community as you app progresses:


can you please give me the aia file

Apologies everyone. This was not intended to be private / for PRO users only.

Here is the link to remix Ride – updated the documentation as well.

Thanks for catching this!

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