Hi there help me made theme this

how made a app the same theme UBER, Grab ?

how made group people this !
help me please !

May be this will help you a little


Jerin Jacob

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thank Jerin_Jacob
so much !

excuse !
When I book a car, the nearest 10 people will receive a notification, how do I write code? For adroid app!
please help me again !

You can calculate the distance between the cordinates of Driver and the User and write the logic to notify users.
Tutotial: http://www.appinventor.org/content/howDoYou/location/distance

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There is an notification extension by Taifun but it will only work if they app is opened or in recents.
And push notification component is in development.

Jerin Jacob

please help me more ! Demo code ?!

Can you show us your progress with the project and share us your blocks accordingly we might able to help with suggessions.