I need help to develop a basic tracking app (beginner user)

I know this may be a bit difficult but I need help to create a feature that has the following characteristics

  1. Show on a map where I am and update the location when I move.
  2. To be able to show the location of other users and update it when they move.
  3. to be able to tell how far away other users are from me
  4. to be able to add new users to my application and then be able to see them (as written in points 2 and 3)

It is a functionality similar to google maps or Wtsp when we share the location but in a much more basic way.

I am a new user and I don’t know much about the blocks part here in Thunkable so I ask for any kind of help, tutorials, videos, similar projects I can watch. whatever.

Thank you very much in advance four your help

This can be done with our maps and location sensor components.

Adding other users and determining their locations like this will require a backend database be set up. It is definitely a more advanced topic and feature. There is a new good tutorial about Firebase and updating data that you can find here. – Update data in a Firebase Realtime Database (with video tutorial)