No Coding Experience. Please lead me in the right direction

I would like to create an app to show when someone is working and display on a google map there profile. when a person is not working they would not show on the map. Can someone point me in the right direction on where to start?

If the person manually checks in when starts working, it’s a pretty easy app.

Add a location sensor and a map to your app and start playing with all the blocks you see with those 2 components

OK. That makes sense but the app would be for customers to see who was working at a particular location. So the workers would need to sign up and simply click a on call button but the customers would need to log in and see a map of all workers that are on call at that particulate time. I am struggling with how that would all work

To solve your problem, you need to use Firebase with a listening variable.

After opening the application, the user must first log into Firebase. In case of successful entry into the listening unit, the coordinates of its location are received, which are displayed on the maps of all users.

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Thank you for the feed back. I went to the thunkable docs for real time db and searched google for some how to examples of the blocks that would be needed but i’m coming up short due to my lack of experience.Any more advice you could give me would be a huge help

You can take reference to this project. This is of course not a complete app by a long shot, and not all functions you listed are completed here, but hopefully this can give you some insight as to how to create your app.

The Worker_Login page is the page for workers to login. After they have signed in, the location sensor returns the latitude and longitude that would be stored in the list “user” in Firebase.

The Customer_Map page on the other hand lets the customer see all the workers’ locations. The markers of workers’ locations are placed one by one in the “for each item J in list” loop.